A Maison of Haute Parfumerie since 1981, Goutal exemplifies the true grace of perfume-making. It is never about creating scents that may or may not appeal to an individual’s taste, but rather about memories, declarations of love, invitations...

It’s about stories, otherwise indescribable, best told in the hollow of the neck or on the wrist Each Goutal fragrance is an act of sharing; it is a story that links us with those who are dear to us and whose thread weaves from one skin to another.

Finally, beyond the personal memory at the heart of the perfume’s origin, there is the desire to summon others to tell their own stories, to offer women the courage to embrace their own emotions, their own aesthetic, and their own story.

There is the scent that takes you on a journey, the scent that brings you back to the hollow of his shoulder, and the scent that allows you to find yourself.

    Sometimes, the simple act of reading can transform you and change everything. This is what happened when Annick Goutal first read Marguerite Yourcenar’s Memoirs of Hadrian one summer in Italy. More than a single-note memory, it became an entire landscape: taking shape under the Tuscan sun, on a terrace lined with cypress and lemon trees. A cocktail of citrus fruits, it combines sparkling freshness with discreet elegance and an indelibly modern touch. Welcome to the Maison’s first fragrance: the timeless Eau d’Hadrien.

    A mother looks at her daughter and imagines everything she would like to pass on to her. Petite Chérie is the fragrance of infinite love between a mother and her daughter. Camille was 23 years old when Annick Goutal created the scent for her - imaginatively blending the gentle caress of rose and pear into a cocoon of vanilla and musk. Petite Chérie has become an icon of the Maison, a perfume of legacy and intimacy, and a gift of love. The perfect fragrance to give to those you care about most.

    Imagine yourself in a rose garden…enchanted by the richness of its notes, intensely floral and fresh, fruity and round, this rose of a thousand petals never stands still, deliciously sparkling in her exquisiteness, daring us never to trust simple appearances. Is Rose Pompon playful? Yes, definitely. But above all, it’s a hymn to joy.

    Our memories of childhood are infinitely precious, tinted with a sweetness and innocence that belongs only to that age. The sun shines and lights up the sky, and delicate fun is found making honeysuckle crowns. Camille Goutal still remembers this well: carefully weaving floral crowns in the family garden. Le Chèvrefeuille revisits this memory in a verdant, fresh and airy fragrance.

    Sometimes, in rare, precious moments, we feel our dreams become reality. Le Temps des Rêves recalls the cherished moment when Annick Goutal first allowed herself to dream of becoming a perfumer: a time defined by the formative landscapes of Grasse and their comforting aroma of orange blossom.

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