Rose, Reimagined.

Long a beloved Frédéric Malle classic, today "Une Rose" is one of an exotic garden of exquisite rose perfumes - heady, crisp, sweet, fresh, damp - that celebrate the flower's many facets. We thought this iconic perfume needed a new name that reflected the triumphant drama of this earthy, stormy, utterly unique rose: Rose Tonnerre. We hope you'll agree.







Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle was born in the year 2000, the product of Frédéric Malle’s determination to champion perfumery and restore it to its former glory.

Guiding the world’s greatest perfumers to the very pinnacle of their art, he grants them total freedom to create, furnishing them with exceptional raw materials, and imposing no time or budget limits and no marketing constraints.

Born into the world of perfume, with more than thirty years’ experience, Frédéric Malle is the foremost expert in perfumery today. An unconventional and unclassifiable aesthete, he offers artists the opportunity to excel themselves, encourages them to develop their own idiom, and celebrates their creativity. And so, from each collaboration, a masterpiece is born—a perfume whose creator is proud enough to sign it with his own name, for the very first time.