In Fornasetti candles, design, fragrance and light come together to form a sensory experience in which time seems to stand still.
An invitation to transform minutes into moments, leaving space for beauty and imagination.
Like all Fornasetti creations, the candles are objects to be preserved and handed down, destined to live multiple lives, being rediscovered as objects of unconstrained inspiration.







Fornasetti is the Italian decorative art atelier founded in Milan in the 1940s and today internationally recognised for the design of pieces of furniture and home accessories.

In this place where art meets design, timeless creations come to life, ready to inspire the imagination.

The world of Fornasetti floats between imagination and reality, enriched by cultural references and artistic allusions. This is why a Fornasetti object is not simply something to possess, it is something to live and be inspired by.

In the Fornasetti Atelier in Milan every object is still created using the original techniques of expert Italian craftsmanship. Hands at the service of ideas, respecting the protracted times of artistic crafts and the secrets of savoir-faire: it all comes together to make Fornasetti creations unique.

The Atelier was founded by Piero Fornasetti, a versatile and eclectic artist distinguished by an unstoppable creative flair that made him one of the most prolific figures of twentieth century in Italy. Barnaba Fornasetti, Artistic Director and guardian of his father Piero's legacy, has kept the dream unchanged over the last thirty years.