Maison Crivelli is a French Haute Parfumerie House whose surprising, ultra-sensorial, gender-free olfactory creations are aimed at modern explorers in search of the unexpected. Each fragrance conveys the sensations that Thibaud Crivelli experienced when discovering perfume raw materials off the beaten track: hibiscus tea in a gemstone market, orange blossom on a walking safari, a shot of absinthe under the Northern lights, sandalwood burning on top of an erupting volcano...

Venture into the unexpected with this collection of breathtaking fragrances and find a signature scent that keeps pace with your lifestyle!







"Maison Crivelli was born out of the vision of brand founder Thibaud Crivelli, who shares his most sensorial and surprising encounters with perfume ingredients.

With a constant spirit of adventure, the House partners with the best perfumers worldwide to propose disruptive fragrances which surprise and invite one to lose his or her bearing.

Each scent is an open door to an ultrasensorial odyssey which reveals you the beauty of your daring personality."