Marvis are an Italian-born, revolutionary toothpaste brand offering effective, premium formulas for a healthy smile. Combining protective ingredients with a mix of aromatic mint flavours, they provide a flavourful twist to your oral hygiene routine. Offering flavours such as mint, cinnamon, jasmine, liquorice and ginger, their contemporary products are housed in modern, stylish tubes which look great on the shelf.







Contemporary Toothpaste

Contemporary toothpaste. Cheeky, iconic, original in one word: contemporary. Marvis surpasses the traditional concept of toothpaste. It is a world that is at once current, curious, open to new things: it transforms simple gestures of the everyday into a moment of pure pleasure.

This was the premise for creating ironic and unusual, yet welcoming and attractive tastes, which captivate you in a whirlwind of sensations. Seven concoctions for a toothpaste that charms even with its texture, extremely compact and pleasant, and which offers perfect protection, an unmistakably fresh sensation and an unforgettable smile.