Hair heroes from an in-demand Swedish salon

Sachajuan was hatched in a hair salon in Stockholm, where founders Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind were inspired to create their own line of simple, sleek and nourishing products fuelled by marine extracts. The range includes practical solutions from scalp treatments to volume boosters, and ensures healthy, head-turning locks for everyone.







Established by internationally renowned hairdressers Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind in 1997, SACHAJUAN has been developing and manufacturing our haircare and styling products since 2004.

SACHAJUAN is based on a minimalist approach, not only regarding haircare but holistically, considering everything from design to the performance of the products. It is about offering solutions that reduce hair care and styling to simplify the process and provide the consumer with the most efficient products.

All products from shampoo, conditioner, treatments, and styling follow SACHAJUAN's strategy to simplify hair routines. Everything is named with clear and concise descriptors to explain the product's performance and how it may assist in your haircare and styling.