MALIN+GOETZ was founded in the chelsea neighborhood of new york city in 2004 by founders matthew malin + andrew goetz who set out to uncomplicate skincare. with limited shelf space in their small new york city apartment, they started the brand with 6 essential products that would work for all skin types, including their own. a cleanser + a moisturizer for the face, body + hair that leave even the most sensitive skin feeling healthy + balanced from head to toe. through the years, the brand has added a curated selection of targeted treatments to address specific concerns when your skin needs more.







our value

inspired by the diversity, inclusivity + energy of city living, our products are designed for every skin type, tone + gender. our mission is to create high quality, easy-to-use skincare, fragrances + candles that fit into your modern lifestyle. we are honest about our ingredients + our products are meant to be gentle, effective + efficient for even the most sensitive skin.

our philosophy.

we believe in a less, but better way of life. from the very beginning, our formulas have been designed to deliver more benefits with fewer steps. our products do what they say they do, while also looking great in your home. less steps in your routine, less packaging + less waste. it’s uncomplicated.


About The founders

Matthew Malin

Matthew began his career at Saks Fifth Avenue and later went on to work at three distinct family-owned companies: Barneys New York, Kiehl's, and finally Prada's beauty division. These experiences, along with his history of suffering from skin conditions helped Matthew identify an opportunity for uncomplicated luxury skincare.

Andrew Goetz

Andrew worked as US marketing director at the family-owned, swiss-based design manufacturer vitra for ten years preceding the launch of MALIN+GOETZ. His keen eye for design is reflected in our stores' modern interpretation of the traditional apothecary as well as our chemist's label-inspired, minimalist packaging.