Perfumer Kilian Hennessy brings his cognac family heritage to his unconventional fragrance label, KILIAN. He redefines scent families and creates every scent as a collector’s item. Powerful yet invisible, the scents are meant to be passed down to generations. His refillable range makes scents sustainable, another mark of luxury.

Welcome to the world of Kilian! You will surely come across the charming and unique scent of Paris.







Kilian Hennessy was born to the Hennessy family, known as the world-famous cognac maison and a pioneer of luxury brands. His childhood was spent in the Hennessy castle in southwestern France, where he grew up surrounded by the mellow scent of sugar, alcohol and vanilla-soaked wooden barrels in cognac cellars. Later, his brilliant sense of smell at this time became the inspiration for his unique creations and the basis for defining the "Kilian" brand.

The fragrance of Kilian not only lifts the mood not only sensuously but also visually, and releases the desire.