There’s no denying that when it comes to a man’s personality, a lot can be said by how he dresses, and how he smells. And it’s not just a standalone fragrance that contributes to this power of scent and how it exudes confidence, charm, manliness or a certain rough-around-the-edges attitude.

It’s also his character, how he carries himself, and to a certain extent how the body chemically reacts with the scent—to bring out attributes like leather, wood and tobacco—to express a man’s image by just his smell.

And when it comes to attraction, a fragrance can be that powerful agent that expresses his style and preference, without even having to say a word.

And because, generally speaking, men are not big on words, a high-quality, well-made fragrance can be both his powerful weapon and his most treasured accessory.

Here are some of the best fragrances for men with different personalities.

Well-dressed in tailored suit, polished shoes and crisp white shirt, the dapper gentleman is instantly recognisable by how he dresses. Often the best-dressed man in the room- think George Clooney and Eddie Redmayne- these are posh, well-mannered gentlemen who take pride in their grooming and looks. These gentlemen gravitate towards woody, earthy and leathery scents.

Diptyque 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain is a scent that will bathe you in golden light. A creation combining velvety sandalwood and enveloping vanilla, it is enhanced by the freshness of pink berries.

Then there’s Frederic Malle French Lover, for the man who would not normally wear perfume and believes in the simple, seductive power of his rugged appearance.

The spicy freshness of pimiento, angelica and juniper flowers melts into a woody sea of cedar, patchouli and vetiver, bound by galbanum and frankincense to enhance a man’s natural scent.

Strong-minded, confident and always the leader of the pack, the Alpha Achiever prefers statement-making fragrances to enhance their presence. With a winning mentality and go-getter attitude, these men, like their choices in fragrances, are always daring and different.

Malin + Goetz Dark Rum EDP is a refreshing reinvention of a traditionally dark and spicy aroma. Inspired by old world bay rum used by sailors traveling through the Caribbean and later popularised in barbershops, this scent is sweetened with ripe plum and crisp bergamot, with notes of leather, rum and creamy milk blended into an intoxicating mix. Warm and fresh, this scent captures the essence of long days spent in the tropical sun.

Diptyque Tam Dao EDT brings back memory from the holy forests of Indochina, and the velvety, milky scent of sandalwood burned in temples. Co-founder Yves Clouesant has never forgotten this scent from his childhood, illustrated by sandalwood from Mysore and cooled by vibrant cypress and myrtle.

Laidback and relaxed, the cool guy takes one day at a time and lives in the moment. With an affinity for fresh, citrus scents, he’s the one who doesn’t take himself too seriously but is just as attractive.

Goutal Paris Duel sets equestrian leather notes against refreshing notes of petitgrain from Paraguay that evoke the damp earthy scent of the undergrowth. A fragrance full of contrasts, it is a play between strength and softness, refinement and sensuality.

Miller Harris Tea Tonique’s freshness is like a morning mist over a tea plantation, sparkling with citrus freshness and the coolness of green leaves. Uplifting and fresh, it’s an infusion of Italian bergamot and floral earl grey, the earthy intensity of maté, and the smoky facets of birch. The cooling spice of nutmeg provides contrast to this delicate and uplifting perfume.

He spends a lot of time outdoors and is very tuned to nature. He thrives on hikes and runs and his self-care includes waking up early for a good workout before the starts the day.

Not afraid to take risks and be spontaneous, the Adventurous Athlete likes his scents to be bold, spicy and fresh.

Eight & Bob Egypt takes you on an olfactory journey through time. Stroll through sunny ancient Egypt and breathe in the exotic aromas of the markets.

Nutmeg and warm spices complement the earthy undertones of patchouli and sandalwood. The lavish scent of lavender radiates from the beautiful women in ornate, vibrantly-coloured cloths.

Finally, Frederic Malle Vetiver Extraordinaire delivers carefree elegance, the essence of an extraordinarily charming man-- one who is magnetic without even trying.

A charismatic field of woods, with an unprecedented dose of Haitian vetiver, is woven with sandalwood, cedar and cashmeran. Bound to the skin by oak moss and musk, and lifted by pink pepper, bergamot and bitter orange, this scent is a whiff of captivating freshness.

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