A new era in haircare, Augustinus Bader’s haircare system -The Hair Collection- is rooted in the company’s award-winning commitment to breakthrough discoveries about the body’s mechanism for self-repair and renewal, informed by over 30 years of research and biomedical innovation.

Where Clean Beauty Meets Clean Science
Augustinus Bader haircare is 100% vegan and gluten-free, and devoid of GMOs, parabens, silicones, fragrance, SLS, SLES, DEA, heavy metals, talc and petrolatum, paraffin, and mineral oils.
As part of Augustinus Bader’s dedication to harnessing the power of biotechnology for integrated health and wellbeing, this transformative system, powered by Professor Bader’s TFC8® technology, leverages clean, hair-healthy ingredients to deliver results previously unattainable in this space without additives or damaging side-effects.
Augustinus Bader’s innovative haircare fuses clean science with the body’s natural wisdom to target key aspects of scalp and hair vitality on a cellular level - creating an optimal environment for hair to grow, thrive and renew.
This is healthier hair without compromise.

Revolutionary Results
Thoroughly tested via both clinical trials and Consumer Perception Studies, Augustinus Bader’s clean, high-performance haircare system is disrupting the haircare category with each product demonstrating stunning, game-changing results.

For example, in just 4 weeks The Shampoo increased hair strength by 56%, decreased hair follicle clog by 29.81%, and increased hair smoothness by 80.56%. The Hair Oil reduced broken and damaged hair from brushing by 34.11% and increased hair hydration by 34.20%. In just 8 weeks, The Leave-In Hair Treatment increased hair strength by 152.94% and increased hair strand thickness by 95.92%.
And in user trials, in just 8 weeks 92% of participants agreed The Leave-In Hair Treatment helped repair their split ends and colour damage and helped reduce / tame frizz, 94% agreed it enhanced their natural texture, and 98% agreed it made their hair look and feel healthier .

Redefining The Category - The Line-up
The Scalp Treatment is a supercharged serum developed to target the root cause of weak or thinning hair strands and help hair thrive. Combining Augustinus Bader’s exclusive TFC8® technology with key actives including a Multi-Mineral Complex (Copper, Magnesium, Zinc), Hazel Leaf extract, Watercress and Indian Cress Extract, and Maca Root extract, this vegan, non-toxic formula naturally boosts the vitality of the scalp, supporting consistent hair growth while calming stress and irritation and unblocking clogged hair follicles. With regular use, hair appears volumised, healthy and restored, with noticeably less shedding.
The Shampoo is a lightweight, clean haircare breakthrough and the world’s first hair and scalp cleanser infused with the cell renewing powers of TFC8®. The Shampoo cleanses while helping to stimulate hair growth and strengthening strands from the root, actively boosting volume and shine. In comprehensive user trials, participants found that in as little as one use, hair felt more nourished, hydrated and fortified. The Shampoo is formulated with highest quality ingredients including Burdock extract, Vitamin B5, Watercress and Indian Cress extracts, and Maca Root extract, in addition to TFC8®.
Its companion product, The Conditioner, is an ultra-lightweight yet intensely hydrating clean formula that is also powered by TFC8® for optimised repair, regrowth and renewal support. The Conditioner promotes new growth while moisturising, detangling, de-frizzing and adding volume. It may also be used as a hair mask for deeper hydration. Testing has shown that even the finest hair strands feel softer, smoother and fuller after just one use -- nourished by hair superfoods including Oat Kernel Oil, Watercress and Indian Cress extracts, Maca Root extract, Pomegranate extract and Glycerin.
The Hair Oil is a clean, ultra-restorative elixir formulated with Augustinus Bader’s TFC8® technology plus a nourishing blend of Argan Oil, Pomegranate Oil, Baobab Oil, and Vitamin E. Fusing a luxurious feel with high efficacy, The Hair Oil helps reduce breakage, seal split ends, and guard against damage from daily stressors such as heat styling and environmental factors, to optimize hair’s look and texture. One application of this vegan, silicon-free and sulfate-free formula delivers a concentrated dose of nutrition throughout the hair shaft for healthy shine and lasting protection.
The Leave-In Hair Treatment with TFC8® is a weightless, residue-free moisturiser that’s specially formulated to undo dryness and damage caused by over-styling or colour-processing. In addition to reviving dull, listless locks, The Leave-In Hair Treatment also protects against UVA and UVB while minimizing the appearance of split ends and reducing breakage. In addition to TFC8®, key actives include proven hair superfoods: Neem Extract, Shikakai Extract, Rambutan Extract, Oat Kernel Oil, Vitamins B5, E, F, and Biotin.
No Augustinus Bader hair care regimen is complete without The Neem Comb, available both with and without handle. Combining luxury and efficacy, The Neem Comb holds the potential to powerfully boost scalp health and improve all hair types and lengths in one sleek gesture. This wide tooth, water-resistant essential is crafted from an ancient, fast-growing, environmentally friendly wood known for its antifungal and antibacterial properties.
Designed to be used in conjunction with the Augustinus Bader Shampoo, Conditioner, Scalp Treatment, Hair Oil, and Leave-in Hair Treatment, The Neem Comb gently distributes product through hair while stimulating follicles. Regular use is known to help reduce dandruff, detoxify the scalp, and prevent breakage.
“In my work as a medical doctor and research scientist, I have observed many similarities between the complexion and the specialised cells that make up the scalp and hair follicles. Just like the skin, hair is governed by natural forces that slow over time, causing undesirable yet reversible outcomes. By translating our award-winning technology for skin repair and cellular regeneration to the scalp and hair follicles, we have created an unprecedented science-backed system that reawakens the body’s intrinsic ability to regrow hair and supports renewal from root to tip.” - Professor Augustinus Bader
Together, these five new formulas and two combs are the next-gen in haircare and the next step in Augustinus Bader’s commitment to the science of self-optimisation. Leveraging ground-breaking cellular technology to deliver best-tressed results, this is haircare redefined.

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