What is TFC8®

What is TFC8®?

Backed by over 30 years of research and innovation, TFC8®, or Trigger Factor Complex TFC, is the proprietary, skin cellular-renewing technology that powers Augustinus Bader’s clean skin and hair care.

The Formula

TFC8® is comprised of amino acids, high-grade vitamins, and synthesized versions of molecules found naturally in skin. TFC8® acts like a GPS, guiding key nutrients to skin cells and generating ideal conditions for renewal. Because TFC8® supports your body’s own functions, it has the flexibility to address individualized concerns – such as the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, redness, hyperpigmentation, cellulite, stretch marks, and damage caused by external stressors.

How does it work?

It guides key molecules and powerful natural ingredients to the skin cells, supporting your skin’s natural renewal process and turning potent formulations into smarter, adaptive skincare.

TFC8®, our patented technology, contains specific molecules that are naturally occurring in the skin – vitamins, minerals, amino acids – which we call a “trigger-factor complex.” Our skincare utilizes a novel transporting mechanism to deliver these essential building blocks to the cell microenvironment in the right concentrations, at the right location, and at the right moment in time.⁠ The complex supports your skin to assume a healthy repair process rather than a dysfunctional repair process, which causes a loss of elasticity as we age.⁠

Inspired by 30 years of scientific innovation, our patented TFC8® skincare technology works with your body.

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