Laura Mercier celebrates 20 years of iconic flawlessness
When one thinks of Laura Mercier, all those fresh-faced ads in mags and on display in beauty halls pop to mind, always featuring healthy, non-sunken cheekbone models with flawless yet completely natural-looking skin. That emblematic look had us all lining up at Laura Mercier counters, cutting our teeth as teens and twentysomethings on their loose powders and Tinted Moisturiser.
Ah, that Tinted Moisturiser. Legendary, first-of-its-kind, boundary smashing, revolutionary - those words don't even begin to describe what that beige tube meant to so many women. For the first time, we had non-foundation coverage that infused the skin with a sheer tint, an iridescent glow and health, witnessing the unofficial birth of the no-makeup look, a beauty revolt that said flawless does not equal to thick, mask-like coverage.
This year, the beauty house celebrates 20 years of flawless, from their Silk Crème foundation to Secret Camouflage Concealer and Face Polish scrub, with an exclusive 'Meet The Icons' collection featuring their most iconic makeup and skincare. Shop the products here - if you're having trouble deciding what to get, go for the Foundation Primer Radiance; what it does for foundation will blow you away.
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