When the perfect fragrance comes into your life, it feels as if every part of you is ready to accept its enveloping company. Its scent nourishes your spirit, affects you positively and adds that extra spring in your step as you start off the day.

Personality has a lot to do with what scent moves you. That’s why one person’s “Wow!” moment could be another’s “Meh”. Someone could buy the same perfume year in and year out, while others prefer to explore what’s out there.

Different women’s personalities lean towards different sets of scents. Which is yours?

Think Emily Cooper and Carrie Bradshaw, and you get the idea. The pulse of a party, the fashionista is trendy and bold with her fashion-first choice. She’s all about making a statement and is always on the ball when it comes to fashion.
She knows what’s in, what’s out and she’s always game to give newness a go, because you can never tell when a new scent will turn out to be a classic.
And when it comes to scents, she looks for something statement-making and brave, a unique interpretation and a scent that’s as stylish as her.
If you are a fashionista, diptyque’s Orpheon EDP will jive with your personality. Capturing Paris in the early 60s, with its artists and jazz bars, curls of tobacco smoke mingle with powdery trails of blusher, lingering on burnished wood. At the heart, there’s the warmth of tonka bean, cedar and juniper berry.
For a fashionably citrus mix, Frederic Malle Eau de Magnolia is a citrus-fresh scent carried by a woody undercurrent, magnified by bergamot, lemon and grapefruit, before reaching its base of oak moss and patchouli.
Goutal Nuit Et Confidences is all about being in front of the camera. Faceted with the almond accents of tonka bean, vanilla melts onto skin with the tenderness of white musk.

She’s ready to roll in a moment’s notice and takes every challenge as a chance to grow. She balances the facets of her life well, whether it’s family, work and health, or her volunteering commitments and building her side business.
She puts herself over everything else, because she cannot give her best, if she is not in her best. She’s the woman Destiny’s Child sang about in Independent Women and the mantra “I depend on me” best encapsulates what she thinks about herself.
If you are Miss Independent, moss, musky and woody scents will complement your strength. Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 EDP, to mark the crystal manufacturer’s 250th birthday, releases a woody alchemy, with breezy jasmine facets, radiant saffron and ambergris mineral notes that’s as luxurious as it is brave.
Goutal Etoile d’Une Nuit, meanwhile, evokes a plush atmosphere around elegant and silky iris, raspberry and rose.

A natural leader who thrives in her achievement and in motivating others, The Lady Boss is enterprising, creative and downright hardworking. Whether working on her business or landing a coveted post, she gives her all and is all about finding ways to improve.
Strong-willed and bold, she’s a force to be reckoned with and her fragrance choice resembles the powerful position she occupies.
Frederic Malle Portrait of a Lady perfectly encapsulates her personality, with 400 Turkish roses per 100ml bottle. Beneath, a bed of patchouli is imbued with sandalwood and frankincense, with clove, blackcurrant and raspberry binding the perfume together.
Diptyque Do Son EDT is about Ha Long Bay’s sea breeze carrying the heady and spicy scent of tuberoses while Goutal Paris Tenue de Soirée reveals tangy notes draped in the powdery scent of iris and patchouli.

Don’t mistake this charismatic extrovert, who is full of energy and bubbly, to be airy and flaky. There’s more to The Social Butterfly than meets the eye.
Extremely confident and unabashedly feminine, she loves company and enjoys the thrill or human relationships, whether it’s with her significant other, group of close friends, or guests at a party.
Well-versed about the world surrounding her, this cool, energetic soul is vibrant and likeable, just like her citrus and fruity scents of choice.
Frederic Malle Rose Tonnere presents an earthy rose, tinged with Périgord truffle for a subtle taste of the gothic, giving this floral scent a hidden depth.
diptyque Eau Capitale solid perfume is inspired by the enfleurage technique used in the past to capture the scent of flowers. Applied with the fingertips, its alcohol-free wax reveals the intense fragrance of the chypre rose.
Malin + Goetz Bergarmot EDP is effervescent and bright, like the sun-soaked trees in southern Italy, where this ingredient grows. Reminiscent of earl grey tea, classic perfume and apothecary preparations, Bergamot is a multifaceted interpretation of a timeless fine fragrance.

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