When your crowning glory is kept under wraps, so to speak, for most of the day, you need to pay extra attention to make sure it still grows healthy. Without ample air, coupled with sweat and the tropical hot and humid climate, it’s easy for hair under the hijab to turn lip, weak and unhealthy.

For hijabis to have beautiful hair, the principal rules apply. Never, ever put on hijab on wet hair. Ideally, towel dry hair, but if you are pressed for time in the morning, a hairdryer works too, but you have to remember to undo the damage with weekly hair treatment so your hair doesn’t continuously go dry day in and day out.

Choose your hijab material wisely. The inner should be thin but holds in hair well. The hijab fabric should be thin but opaque, so hair and scalp have breathing space.

Here are more tips so your hijab-covered hair stays healthy and well.


A good hairbrush gives your scalp the deep cleansing it needs. Whether you use it during shampoo or to apply scalp serum, it helps the products work better by massaging the scalp while the products are being applied.

Uka’s Scalp Brush Kenzan gets the job done well. It’s moderately hard and comfortable to use, hard to slip and fits into your hands. There are four types of hardness to go with your scalp situation.


The daily heat drying, covering, sweat and climate will eventually take their toll on the scalp, so it’s always a good idea to pamper hair with a weekly treatment. It saves you a salon trip, but still gets your hair restored.

Rahua’s Omega-9 Hair Mask is made from plant-based ingredients. This intensive, professional-strength conditioning hair mask is designed to work like an in-salon treatment, deeply penetrating the hair shaft and fortifying it from root to tip.  


Many factors can lead to hair damage, including hair colouring and straightening. If your hair is dry and frizzy, it’s a good idea to incorporate hair repair products occasionally to return the strands to their healthy state.

Sachajuan Hair Repair is an intensive hair treatment with Ocean Silk Technology for damaged and stressed hair, promoting cell regeneration, hair vitality and strength. Its long lasting effect and frizz reduction leave hair manageable with a silky shine and a healthy look.


On weekends and when you are not going out and donning the hijab, it’s great to just let hair down and spritz some mist, packed with good-for-hair ingredients

diptyque’s Eau Rose Hair Mist is made with pink rose petals to perfume hair, leaving it with a dreamy scent. After washing hair, rinse it with cold water to strengthen the capillary fibres. This will help hair absorb the mist more effectively.

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