Do you have difficulty washing your scalp without digging your nails into it? Or do you have a feeling of dissatisfaction after washing your hair?

Here’s a tool to help you get that exhilarating feeling of a salon shampoo treatment at home. Uka's Kenzan Scalp Brush is approved by Uka’s head therapists to help you feel good after every shampoo.

The scalp brush was launched in the summer of 2016 as the brand’s first beauty accessory. Of all of its products, the scalp brush has generated the most feedback.

Made of silicone, its body is shaped in the form of the Uka butterfly logo, designed to easily fit in your palm so you can hold it even when your hand is wet and slippery from the shampoo’s foam.

Small but powerful, this brush has many benefits:

  • It is ideal for cleansing, shampooing, and distributing scalp serum to the scalp. Its stiffness is designed for comfort and acupressure
  • It’s also easy to use. Just lather shampoo, work the suds thoroughly through the hair, and massage gently to cleanse. Alternatively, distribute the scalp serum and move the brush upward in zigzag motion.

If you are looking for a softer touch, the Scalp Brush Kenzan Soft does the trick.

A new soft version in pink, this one is softer on the skin, but with the ease of use and purifying feel of the original.

The condition of the scalp is susceptible to change due to stress and hormonal changes, so the Kenzan soft provides an alternative to skin sensitivity.

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