Shimmering constellations and dancing letters create the enchanting scene of Diptyque sky map.

This year, the stars and the night sky inspire the Maison's limited-edition scented creations, perfect to celebrate the holiday season.

Like a rare star, the Holiday Collection sparkles in the winter sky

The Sapin/Pine Candle, 190g exudes vibrant notes of mountain pine.

RM389.00, The Etincelles/Spark Candle, 190g blends the smell of a wood fire with sumptuous notes of coffee and chocolate. RM389.00, The Neige/Snow Candle, 190g exudes a balanced blend of heliotrope flowers and white musk. RM389.00



Gathered in a set star-studded constellation, Sapin/Pine, Etincelles/Spark and Neige/Snow bring unique tones to the holiday season.



For the holidays, the Limited-Edition Eau Rose is adorned with roses with golden highlights.

A selection of star-studded trinkets 

An elegant brass candle holder with brushed gold finish, accentuates the taper candles. Baies/Berries, Ambre/Amber,Feu de Bois/Wood Fire.

An introduction to an emblematic scent in this cute set of 2 Eau Rose fragrant gestures, and a tribute to the entire flower

The lights go down and the Sapin/Pine, Etincelles/Spark, Neige/Snow 70g candles light up the night like magic with their radiant starry design! 

Shining in the sky, the Diptyque Selection brings festive sparkle


Like planets around the sun, the golden charms of the Carousel revolve around the flame of the Baies/Berries candle…

A myriad of ovals adorns the Diptyque Lantern, this year. A refined, limited-edition accessory to embellish your chosen 190g candle.

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