Camille Goutal goes to Italy!
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Eau d'Hadrien EDT 100ml Limited Edition

Annick Goutal perfumes have always been distinctively French, but now a new collection sends the fragrance house’s olfactory notes swirling to Italy. Vacanze in Italia is inspired by a journey Camille Goutal took through Italy with fellow perfumer Cécile Togni, the new scents are a citrus-spiked change, unique in their freshness and Italian vibe.
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Eau du Sud EDT 100ml Limited Edition

Eau d’Hadrien, in yellow, is nuanced by woody notes from Tuscany and Cypress, with accords of Sicilian lemon, citron, grapefruit and green mandarin. A whiff of verbena-loaded Eau du Sud, in a blue flacon, is like sailing in the Mediterranean, with noted of bergamot, mandarin, persian lime and basil.
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Ninfeo Mio EDT 100ml Limited Edition

Ninfeo Mio is the greenest of the three perfumes, citrus spiked with woody notes in a mix of of Sicilian Lemon, citron, bitter orange, fig, Galbanum extract and lemon wood.
The bottles come in soft tones and frosted glass, another departure from the brand’s usual see-through Falcons. You have to take a big, big sniff of the scents to truly get how different and refreshingly nouveau they are.
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