The nude palette to beat all others

Nude eyeshadow palettes are always a hit, being the super wearable, no-hits-or-misses staple for anyone’s makeup arsenal. There are oodles of nude collections out there, but this new Extreme Neutrals one from Laura Mercier is outstanding – nude shades accent bold purples and magentas for nude looks with a twist.


There are six varying nude tones, from dusky browns to chocolate taupes, and six bolder hues in violet, pink, deep cocoa and almost-black brown.  Timeless in the shades yet edgy in the many combos that can come from mixing the different tones, the hues can be used to smoke, highlight, contour and define the eye area. The colours also come in different textures: matte, with fine, oil-absorbing particles for smooth colour free of imperfections, and  sateen, with intense, pearlescent pigments and a reflective finish.

Gorgeous shades, varying textures (including ultra modern matte) and endless combinations – what more could a gal ask for in a nude eyeshadow palette? Grab it now and get smokin’.

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