5 easy makeup looks for Halloween
That spooky time of the year when everyone gets decked out in their finest costumes has come knocking. When planning what you're going as, don't stop at the costume and accessories - the right makeup can really complete a look, rounding out the character and nailing the impression. Just remember this is Halloween and there really is no such thing as overdoing it, so go all out.
Here, we've rounded up some looks that are easy to execute, so even if you're not a makeup maven, you could definitely pull off these. Pick your look and go get the makeup you don't already have ahead of time. Cover thyself in glitter, bring out the eye shadow palettes and rock that goth lipstick!
Harley Quinn
Playing the Suicide Squad bad girl requires loads of eye shadow and red lippie. Apply red and blue eye shadow under each eye, smudging out as you go, and finish the look with matte red lipstick and eyeliner all around the eye.

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Greek Goddess
This one is a cinch to pull off - invest in tons of glittery gold eyeshadow and pack it on, plus winged jet black or brown eyeliner and a truckload of bronzer. For maximum effect add false lashes and oodles of volume-enhancing mascara.

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Wild Cat 
If Catwoman is so last decade for you, opt for a full-on kitty look, fluffy cat ear hairband included. Use black gel eyeshadow to make the underside of your nose black and draw feline flick eyeliner, whiskers and dots with liquid eyeliner. Try the ombré dark lip too.

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Comic Book Girl
That look like you've just walked out of a comic book has been the rage for a few years now, and this is the easiest way to achieve if you're not a makeup ace. Use gel liquid eyeliner with a tapered eyeliner brush so you can get a thin orthicker line, wear ivory-toned foundation to even out your complexion and pick any lipstick colour to go with it.

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Try Laura Mercier Crème Eye Liner in Noir.
This is an easy shadow look to do, no contouring or shaping required. Just a bucketload of blue eyeshadow. Also do an exaggerated wing with eyeliner, fill in your brows and make them really thick and black, and last but not least, don gold lipstick.

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