Luxe Italian beauty brand Jäneke hits our shores
Exquisite materials and flawless hand-made products are a mark of Italy’s excellence in everything fine and luxurious, and beauty accessory house Jäneke is the embodiment of that. The brand hits our shores this month, making their pro, high quality hair brushes, combs, mirrors and more available here.
Jäneke has been in the business of hair styling accessories for 180 years, going from horn combs made of celluloid and galalith and, now, to injection-moulded plastics. This dedication to cutting edge technology is what sets their products apart from other brands, combining newfangled materials and fine Italian tradition. Their basic brushes, for example, have boar bristles that don’t snag the hair and ultra shatterproof injected plastic, but on closer inspection the gold detail and classy finish really make the difference.

Jäneke brushes come in pure boar, nylon and reinforced bristles, in paddle and round shapes, detangling and teasing combs, with a variety of handle finishes, employing a padded base that matches the contour of the head for effective, gentle massaging action. Different brushes also have unique purposes, like infusing hair with a shiny finish, thermic distribution for blow drying, and special compositions like carbon fiber to eliminate static for styling.
Check back for a full guide on Jäneke brushes!
Jäneke will be available in soon.