Mint to the Max

If you've been using run-of-the-mill toothpaste since time immortal, you have no idea how a luxe, vintage tube of toothpaste can inspire brushing. Opt for something nontraditional and exponentially more of an experience like Marvis, an Italian brand that is bathroom luxury on tap, now newly available at our stores.


The appeal of Marvis toothpaste is threefold: one, the 50-year old vintage packaging screams opulence, and two, the iconic, aromatic taste, like the classic green strong mint one, in a creamy texture, delivers a hit of freshness to the mouth like no other. Three, going further than aesthetics, the winning formula with alum powder as a star ingredient delivers a megawatt smile with continued use, with xylitol- and sorbitan-based formulas that don't irritate the teeth or gums.


All in, brushing with Marvis toothpaste is a pleasurable, lavish sensorial experience unlike any other. Snag a tube to bring your morning bathroom regime to the next level.

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