One of the unique characteristics about Dr. Barbara Sturm´s skincare philosophy is that the formulations aim to heal the skin, rather than attack it. That also means that Dr. Sturm’s skincare is gentle enough to serve more than one purpose – over the years, both patients and Team Sturm alike have shared their own unique uses for their Sturm products. Read on for some of our favourites.

  1. Lip Balm
    The LIP BALM is formulated without mineral oils and instead contains a hydrating blend of butters, waxes and plant-based oils which double up as a fantastic moisturizing balm for your cuticles and dry patches on your hands or elbows. It can be used as a nightly nail treatment before bed and is also light and absorbent enough to be used throughout the day. Alternatively, apply the LIP BALM on the high areas of your face, such as the cheekbones and temples for a natural and dewy highlight over makeup or on its own. Our new mini-size version makes it easy to carry around with you, even in the tiniest bags.
  2. Brightening Serum
    Dr. Barbara Sturm’s EYE CREAM effectively targets puffiness and fine lines – but did you know the BRIGHTENING SERUM can be used to combat dark circles with an almost instant brightening effect? It contains a special extract of Cress Sprouts to brighten the skin, Hyaluronic Acid for hydration and Allantoin to soothe and calm – truly a secret weapon for anyone struggling with dark under eyes and dry skin.
  3. Calming Serum
    Formulated with a powerful, plant-based complex of Cardiospermum, Echium and Sunflower that help soothe irritated skin and reduce redness, the CALMING SERUM is essential all year round. Use it in the Winter to soothe the effects of colder climates and in the Summer, to calm the skin after sun exposure and help reduce irritation caused by mosquito bites. It even doubles as a great skin soother post-shaving; simply apply it straight onto any inflamed areas of skin for instant relief.
  4. Glow Drops
    GLOW DROPS can be applied as the last step of your skincare routine or blended with your moisturizer to add radiance to your complexion and give your skin a naturally boosted, healthy glow. They can also be mixed in with your foundation to add a hint of highlight and create a more natural-looking coverage. The GLOW DROPS will give you that instant #SturmGlow - no matter how you use them - and are also packed with skin soothing, anti-aging ingredients like Purslane and pore-refining Wild Rose Extract, so they are great for your skin health, too.
  5. Eye Cream
    The skin on your neck has almost the same consistency as the skin around the eyes. Because of its varied cell composition compared to other parts of the body, the dermis is thinner, more prone to wrinkling and lacks the same levels of collagen. So, when using the EYE CREAM, make sure you do not forget to apply a small amount (in upward motions) onto your neck area to reap its anti-aging and hydrating benefits.
  6. Face Mask
    The FACE MASK acts as an effective 15 - 20 minutes boost of rich hydration and doubles as an overnight treatment. Apply it after your normal night-time routine and remove it in the morning by gently rubbing it off, to reveal moisturized, glowing and refreshed skin. Because the mask is fast-absorbing and becomes clear once it has soaked into your skin, it is comfortable and mess-free for sleep. Pro-Tip: If you have a big night out or a special event, applying the mask before makeup (or without makeup!) will give you an unbeatable, healthy and glowing complexion.

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