A home scent is to a living space, what a fragrance is to a person —it instantly gives character to a place and impeccable taste to its owner. For the last two years, the popularity of home improvement has skyrocketed, and with it, the art of scenting spaces.

Whether it’s working from home, entertaining guests or simply keeping your house smelling good, a host of products are made especially to suitably scent different spaces, and add a touch of olfactory luxury to your personal area.


Clothes huddled together don’t make for a great smell. Throw in heat and humidity of the tropical climate and you would probably have to air your closet content regularly by opening the doors to get some air circulating.

You can get to the bottom of this by hanging a little scented disc in your closet so your clothes smell fresh, all the time.

diptyque’s roses scented oval is enclosed in a pale pink porcelain medallion. Just place it in a drawer or hang it in a closet, and it will impart a gentle scent of freshly cut roses.

If berries are more to your liking, then the baies scented oval delivers freshness of a bouquet of roses, sweetened with blackcurrant leaves.

Engraved at its heart with the name of the scent in dancing letters, the oval is surrounded by a white porcelain medallion and is the embodiment of refined, discreet luxury.


The area that family members gather should have a calm, enveloping scent for activities like movie marathons or quiet conversations. Plus, with the movement of people in and out the house, with kids and maybe pets, it’s a wise idea to drown some real-world smell with a nose-pleasing fragrance.

A diffuser works great for this purpose. Just place the reeds in the fragrance liquid and they will absorb the scent and release it into the air for great all–round smell.

diptyque Tuberose Home Fragrance Diffuser has a faceted glass vessel that plays with light and reflection, creating a prismatic effect  where the fine rattan reeds appear multiplied.

And for a scent of the garden—indoors—Goutal Une Maison de Campagne whisks you away where wildflowers bloom among blackcurrant bushes and brambles laden with blackberries.

Composed of a glass bottle of 190ml of perfume and 8 scented sticks, it diffuses in a subtle and continuous manner, for a fresh and delicate scent.


We spend a big chunk of the day in the bedroom so scenting it makes perfect sense.

Researches have pointed out that good sleep leads to overall health and well-being and there are several ways to achieve this, including designing your room in a way that it promotes relaxation—including using a calming scent as you wind down.

diptyque electric wall diffuser subtly perfumes your sleeping space with a sophisticated and innovative technology, discreetly and elegantly. Each perfume is available in a note-perfect capsule. The battery lasts for 4 hours, so you can scent your room before you go to bed.

The electric wall diffuser by diptyque is an exceptional object. Thanks to its compact size and interchangeable electric plugs, it easily adapts everywhere. A brilliant device to have when you are travelling, this nifty gadget allows you to bring the scent of your bedroom, everywhere you go.


Elevate your kitchen and dining area with a suitable scent to accompany you as you cook, or to tone down the scent of oil or grease that could emanate from your hard work.

The brand also has dark rum candle, inspired by old world bay rum first used by sailors travelling through the Caribbean, and later popularised in barbershops.

Sweetened with ripe plum and crisp bergamot, notes of leather, rum and creamy milk are blended into an intoxicating mix. Warm and fresh, this scent captures the essence of long days spent in the tropical sun.


It might be a space that houses all kinds of scents, from body shower and shampoo to body scrub and aftershave, but a few minutes after you have stepped out of the shower, the wet space can turn musty.

Here’s a tip: a room spray keeps it smelling pristine and diptyque’s tubereuse room spray makes your bathroom smells like a million bucks.

Enigmatic and beguiling, this heady flower deploys its captivating sensuality at dusk and now you can have it scenting your home, any time of the day.

Diptyque’s roses room spray, meanwhile, smells of a tender, freshly-picked bouquet, paying homage to the queen of flowers. A few sprays immediately scent the space, bringing the rose garden into your home.


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