There’s an opinion divide when it comes to scenting the dining table.

While some hosts ascribe to the use of unscented candles to avoid muddling the aroma of food, others treat scented candles at the dining table as an additional accessory that complements the setting.

As long as the smell is soft and not overpowering, the scent emanated from a candle provides a calming, peaceful setting to the whole ambience.

Getting good quality scented candles to burn while hosting dinner parties is important, as they give a stable scent that isn’t too strong and overpowering. Other tips include choosing woodsy, fruity or vegetal scents, or smells that go well with food ingredients like root vegetables and fruit.


Inspired by the old world bay rum first used by sailors traveling through the Caribbean, dark rum is a refreshing reinvention of a traditionally dark and spicy aroma.

Sweetened with ripe plum and crisp bergamot, notes of leather, rum and creamy milk blend into an intoxicating mix. Alluringly warm and fresh, this scent captures the essence of long days spent in the tropical sun and late nights with friends.

Once it is lit, dark rum leaves a deep and indelible longing for those places we’ve been – as well as those we’ve yet to visit—a great conversation topic at the dinner table.



Patchouli, amber and a hint of lavender carry the festive warmth of a party with your inner circle through this scent, and the promise of more to come.

The wafting scent tells the story of a woman who follows the music as she steps into the library where friends and lovers meet.

With a 50-hour burning time, this one’s for an intimate home dinner, where conversations flow and romance is rekindled. 


In the spirit of sustainability-- a core value of goutal-- refills are available for these candles: once the wax has been used up, the holder can be refilled with any other candle in the collection.

In true mix-and-match style, you can pair your favorite glass color with the scent of your choice.

It’s an invitation to escape to a country garden, eat fresh blackcurrants and pick a posy of wild flowers.

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