If couture has a scent, it would smell of cedarwood, gunpower and cigar, with black rose as a floral twist.

Balmain and Trudon return with the coveted Balmain x Trudon candle—in limited availability—with an extremely fashionable iteration in crimson hue, for your table or living room.

The candle’s label is printed in gold foil, painstakingly hand-applied on the glass, reflecting Balmain’s couture tradition.

Other gold-foil logos—of the houses of Balmain and Trudon—decorate the top and sides of the candle’s chic packaging.

The scent was developed by Balmain creative director Olivier Rousteing with Robertet perfumer Emelie Bouge, under the eye of Cire Trudon creative director Julien Pruvost.

Ernesto, the Trudon candle this scent is modelled after, is Rousteing’s scent of choice, found everywhere from his office to home to Balmain boutiques.
And now, you can own a piece of couture, scented for your home.

Available in two sizes-- Classic 270g (RM695) and La Grande Bougie 2.8kg (RM3,480) online at or its boutiques.

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