Discover the refreshing sensation and lightness of a serum combined with the silky feel of micro-spheres for absolute comfort. Its divine texture and a subtle scent with botanical notes make it an absolute pleasure to use: 100% of women like its texture.







Inspiring women: Aliza Jabès, a bold and instinctive entrepreneur

NUXE's history is intricately entwined with that of its founder, Aliza Jabès. A graduate from Science Po Paris, with an MBA in Marketing and Finance, Aliza was a bold business woman who soon wanted to write her own history.

Passionate about beauty since her childhood, she was particularly interested in the properties of plants, encouraged by her father, a researcher in the field of pharmacy. In the early 1990s, she discovered a small Parisian Research Development laboratory which became the birthplace of the brand of beauty products produced from effective and ultra-sensory natural-origin ingredients.

Believing in the importance of promoting her innovative products, Aliza took a decisive commercial gamble by distributing them in pharmacies, at a time when only dermatological skincare products were present in this sector. This trail-blazing decision allowed NUXE to reach its target audience: women looking for natural origin and ultra-effective care products, enhanced with real touch of sensuality. Sought after by women, NUXE products rapidly became bestsellers, with its transformation into a genuine “love brand”, the leader in major beauty segments in French pharmacy outlets.